2019 Real Estate Taxes
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Have you filed for your exemptions?
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If the property is your primary residence, There are exemptions you can apply for that could reduce the equalized value of your property. 
Renewal Applications for Senior Freeze, Disabled Persons and Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemptions Will Not Be Required This Year Due to COVID-19 Pandemic 
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Lake County residents who in 2019 applied for and received the Senior Citizen Freeze Homestead Exemption, the Homestead Exemption for Persons with Disabilities, Standard Homestead Exemption for Veterans With Disabilities will not be required to re-apply for those exemptions in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
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Antioch Township 
2020 Assessments  
"Blue Sheets" were published on August 27, 2020 in the 
Lake County Journal.
Homeowners will also receive an assessment letter in the mail.
 The Final Date to appeal is September 29, 2020 
ALL appeals must be filed
ONLINE via SmartFile
Before starting an appeal we encourage you to watch this video tutorial (10 minutes) so you will know how to use the appeal form.
Watch Assessment Appeal Tutorial for New E-Filing System
Prior to filing a formal appeal to the Board, we strongly encourage property owners to review their property information and value online.
Before contacting our office to discuss your concerns.

 A misconception is that a property owner would need to have an attorney to file assessment appeal. 

Can a taxpayer still file an assessment appeal?  Yes, in nearly all instances a taxpayer can file the assessment appeal without the assistance of an attorney.

The Board of Review has tools that can be used for searching for comparable property information and completing forms on the office website. Corporations and limited liability companies will need to utilize an attorney in the assessment appeal for their properties.

Property Tax Appeal E-Filing Guide
The Lake County Board of Review & Appeal Process
The Lake County Board of Review has the authority to raise, lower or sustain property assessments as appears just. The typical appellant before the Board is a property owner who is dissatisfied with the assessment on a Lake County property.


In two types of appeals, those based on a “Factual Error” (such as incorrect square footage of a lot or improvement) and “Vacancy” of an income-producing commercial property, the Board actually requires that the local township assessor’s office be contacted first. Often the reason for an assessment can be made clear or an issue resolved at the local assessor’s office without going before the Board.

Filing an Appeal
For those cases which cannot be settled at the local township assessor’s office, the Board accepts appeals which meet criteria delineated here and discussed in Section III of the Board’s Rules: The appellant must have standing with the Board, must use and complete the prescribed forms of the Board, attach required evidence and submit one copy in a timely fashion - i.e., on or before September 29, 2020

It is important to follow the Board’s rules regarding the filing of an appeal. If the criteria are not met, the Board will not schedule a hearing for the case, the Board will not render a decision and the appellant will have forfeited the right to further appeal the current assessment of a subject property.

The Board of Review has a comprehensive online appeal filing application available for the filing of assessment appeals. Comparable sales and assessments can be researched through this application. The Lake County Comparable Property Grid is available in the application and can be uploaded to the Board of Review. The application can accept the upload of documents from recent sales transactions and ad valorem appraisal documents as well.

Appellants choose the basis of their appeals and the form of hearing they prefer.

Reasons to Appeal
The typical bases or reasons for appeals are:

  • The assessment of a subject property is based on a factual error (e.g., incorrect square footage).

  • The assessment is greater than 1/3rd of the subject property’s recent sale price.

  • The assessment is greater than 1/3rd of the subject property’s market value.

  • The assessment of the subject property is higher than that of comparable properties.

  • Matters of law.

The type of evidence required by the Board for each basis or reason for an appeal is specified on the Appeal (application) Form and discussed in Section IV of the Board’s Rules.

Have you filed for your exemptions?
If the property is your primary residence, There are seven different types of exemptions, this program will reduce or defer an increase in the equalized value of your property. 
Looking for Your 2019 Tax Bill?
You can always call our office and we can print a copy if these instructions are too complicated.
Go to Property Records Website
Enter the following on the next page.
Address No.  _____ (ex. 1498)
Street  ___________ (ex. Main)
You do not need to enter anything else.
Hit Search
Once you are into your property record..
On the left side click Tax Payment History
If you need a copy of the physical bill...
On the right hand side change tax year to 2019.   After page refreshes, on the right side of the page.. Under Reports  click on "Tax Bill"  to select it & press GO.
   2019 Real Estate Taxes
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2020 Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze  
This year Lake County is NOT mailing an application form.
They are mailing a reminder & encouraging everyone to use the on-line Smartfile process.


If you file yourself online, you will need to upload copies of necessary documents including a copy of your Drivers license or State ID.  You can also call our office if you have any questions or need help filing. 

How & Where to File


Antioch Township Assessor's Office

Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM


Sign up & Submit 

Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Exemption


  • Have a total household income of no more than $65,000.

  • Have the property as your primary residence. 

  • Have lived on the property 2-consecutive Januaries.

  • Be age 65 or older.


This exemption must be renewed annually.

Documents required:  

Current Valid Drivers license or State ID. 

Address must match the property address. 

-  Form 1040 Federal Tax Returns 

(Year 2019 filed in 2020) for anyone living in your household

 Trust Agreement (Only needed if property is in a Trust)


General Homestead Exemption (GHE)

Exemption Amount: $6,000 Assessed


  • Own the property and occupy as your permanent residence as of January 1st of the assessment year.

  • Homeowner initiates  at our office.

Homestead Improvement Exemption (HIE)

Exemption Amount:

$25,000 Assessed /  $75,000 Market

This exemption defers for four years any increase in assessment of your property due to an addition or other improvement to your home for which the Township Assessor would add value.


  • Own the property, and occupy as your primary permanent residence.

  • Receiving General Homestead Exemption (GHE)

  • The Assessor's office initiates this exemption.


Request Form:

Change of Name or Address


Village of Antiochwww.antioch.il.gov

Lake County Site – www.lakecountyil.gov


Lake County Treasurers Office

Lake County Appeal Forms


Lake County Exemption Forms

Lake County Building & Zoning Permits

Maps Online – allows users to search and customize maps for Lake County.

Property Tax Information – Find information about your property by PIN or address.

Property Tax Distributions – See how your property taxes are distributed (for any parcel), & contact those taxing bodies.


Senior Homestead Exemption (SHE)

Exemption Amount: $5,000 Assessed



  • Have owned and lived on the property during the tax year.

  • Reached age of 65 during the tax year.

  • Apply for the exemption at our office.  

You will need to bring proof of age (ID) when you apply and if property is in a trust, bring the trust in to our office.

Senior Assessment Freeze (PTAX-340)
Exemption freezes the assessment on your property. It does NOT freeze your taxes.


  • Have fulfilled a property residency requirement.

  • Be age 65 or older.

  • Household Income less than $65,000 

  • Apply for the exemption at our office.

  • Application mus be notarized.

  • This exemption requires annual verification of eligibility. 

Our office offers FREE notary services.  

Senior Citizens Tax Deferral Program

  • This program is designed to allow senior citizens to defer part or all of the property taxes on their home.

  • This program functions as a loan, with an annual interest rate of six percent.

Benefit Access Program


Seniors Ride Free Transit Benefit

Persons with Disabilities Free Transit Ride

Secretary of State License Plate Discount


  • Must be 65 or older or 16+ disabled

  • Must live in Illinois

  • Total income Maximum Limits:

    • $27,610 for 1 person household 

    • $36,635 for 2 person household

    • $45,657 for 3 person household


Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption (HEPD) PTAX-343

Exemption Amount: $2,000 Assessed


  • Have owned and lived on of before January 1 of the tax year.

  • Be disabled under the Federal Social Security Act and supply either:

    • A copy ​of your Illinois Disabled Person ID Card stating that you are class 2 or 2A disability for each year you qualify; or

    • Proof of Social Security Benefits. Proof includes an award letter, verification letter, or annual COLA

  • This exemption requires annual verification of eligibility. 

Standard Exemption for Veterans with Disabilities (SHEVD) PTAX-342

This exemption cannot be claimed in addition to the Disabled Persons Homestead exemption.



  • Be a Lake County Illinois resident

  • Have served in the United States Armed Forces, The Illinois National Guard or the U.S Reserve forces, and have received an honorable discharge

  • Have at least a 30% service-connected disability certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Have a total equalized assessed value (EAV) of less than $250,000

  • This exemption requires annual verification of eligibility. 

Current Military Exemption
Military personnel on active duty out of state or overseas for extended periods are eligible to defer payment of their taxes under the provisions of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act

Returning Veteran Exemption PTAX-341

Lowers the equalized assessed value of your property by $5,000 in the year you returned from active duty in an armed conflict. It is a one-year exemption.