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General Homestead Exemption (GHE)


  • Own the property, and occupy as your permanent residence as of January 1st of the assessment year.
    Can only receive on one property.
    Fines will be issues for Homeowners receiving more than one Homestead Limited Exemption

  • Homeowner initiates this with The Township Assessor's Office.

             Exemption Amount – a $6,000 reduction in the Equalized Assessed Value of the property.

Documents required:

-  Current Valid Drivers license. Address must match the property address. 

Trust Agreement (Only needed if property is in a Trust)


If you file yourself online, you will need to upload copies of necessary documents including a copy of your Drivers license. Or you can bring them to our office and we can file for you.

How & Where to File


Call to Schedule Appointment & Visit Us

Antioch Township Assessor's Office  1490 Main St, Antioch IL 60071



Sign up & Submit

General Homestead Exemption Form ​Online

Homestead Improvement Exemption (HIE)

This exemption defers for four years any increase in the assessment of your property due to an addition or other improvement to your home for which the Township Assessor would add value.


  • Own the property, and occupy as your permanent residence prior to obtaining a permit.

  • The Township Assessor’s Office initiates this exemption.

  • Exemption Amount – A maximum deduction $25,000 of Equalized Assessed Value / $75,000 Market

  • Any increase in the assessment value resulting from said improvement is deferred for four years


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