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Property Tax Bills
2023 Property Tax Bills will be mailed out May 1, 2024
Due Dates
1st Installment due June 5, 2024 
2nd Installment due Sept 5, 2024
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For Any Tax Related Questions
Call Lake County Treasurer's Office 847-377-2323
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Understanding Your Property Tax Bill

  • How are my property taxes calculated?

Property taxes are calculated based on the individual tax levies that the different taxing districts turn in. The total levy for a taxing district is then divided among the assessed value of all the property located within the district to create the districts rate. The rate is then reduced by state statutory limits and then applied to a homeowners taxable assessed value to create the final tax bill.

  • What is the tax levy?

A tax levy is the request (by a local governmental entity or taxing body) for local property tax dollars for operation.


  • Is there a cap on how much my bill can increase?


There is no set limit for how much a tax bill can increase from the prior year.

There are limits set by State Statute that taxing districts need to follow.

Q: Why did the Fire Department tax amount go up so much?
A: Antioch Fire District voters approve tax hike  6/28/2022

A referendum to raise an additional $1.87 million annually for the Antioch First Fire Protection District returned to Tuesday's primary ballot.  Unlike a similar request in 2020, it earned approval.

With all precincts reporting by about 9 p.m. Tuesday, 1,615 voters approved the measure while 1,324 voted against it.

One primary need for the funds, Fire Chief Jon Cokefair said, is that Antioch medics make $53,000 a year compared to the $68,900 average in Lake County.  "We're way behind the eight ball to catch up," he said.

The annual tax bill for a $200,000 home will increase by about $176 annually.

Residents won't see any increase until next June when 2022 taxes are due.

2022  Taxing Body levies Chart

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