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Antioch Township 2023 Assessments  
"Blue Sheets" will be published on September 7, 2023 in the Lake County Journal (PDF).
Homeowners also received an assessment letter in the mail.
 The Final Date to appeal is October 9, 2023
ALL appeals must be filed   ONLINE via SmartFile  
Additional Evidence for Previous Filing
Use this form to submit additional evidence on a previously filed assessment appeal, homestead exemption application, non-homestead exemption application, or preferential assessment request. Do not use this to file a renewal of an exemption or preferential assessment, only to attach supplemental information on a filing.
Prior to filing a formal appeal to the Board, we strongly encourage property owners to review their property information and value online before contacting our office to discuss your concerns.
Prior to filing an appeal with the Board, it is advisable that taxpayers discuss their assessments with the Assessor’s Office. The Board has the authority to confirm, reduce or increase any assessment as appears just (35 ILCS 200/16-55). Many times, the reason for the assessment can be made clear and the need for filing an appeal eliminated. If, after talking with the Assessor’s Office, a taxpayer still wishes to pursue an appeal, he or she should familiarize him/herself with the 2023 Rules of the Board. Note: The period for filing an assessment value appeal is not extended to accommodate discussions between taxpayers and assessors.
  > Visit Lake County Property Records Search <  

A common misconception is that a property owner would need to have an attorney to file assessment appeal. Can a taxpayer still file an assessment appeal?  Yes, in *nearly all instances a taxpayer can file the assessment appeal without the assistance of an attorney.

The Board of Review has tools that can be used for searching for comparable property information and completing forms on the office website. *Corporations and limited liability companies will need to utilize an attorney in the assessment appeal for their properties.

-Tutorial on How To File An Appeal-
If you have never filed an appeal online before, we encourage you to watch this video tutorial (10 minutes) so you will know how to use the appeal form and what documents are needed.


  How to File an Appeal (Written Instructions - PDF)  

  Watch Assessment Appeal Tutorial for New E-Filing System  


















- File The Appeal - 
When you are ready to file, use the link below to create an account and begin the process.

  > Assessment Appeal E-Filing  Form <  

Property Tax Appeal E-Filing Guide
The Lake County Board of Review & Appeal Process
The Lake County Board of Review has the authority to raise, lower or sustain property assessments as appears just.
The typical appellant before the Board is a property owner who is dissatisfied with the assessment on a Lake County property.


In two types of appeals, those based on a “Factual Error” (such as incorrect square footage of a lot or improvement) and “Vacancy” of an income-producing commercial property, the Board actually requires that the local township assessor’s office be contacted first. Often the reason for an assessment can be made clear or an issue resolved at the local assessor’s office without going before the Board.

Filing an Appeal
For those cases which cannot be settled at the local township assessor’s office, the Board accepts appeals which meet criteria delineated here and discussed in Section III of the Board’s Rules: The appellant must have standing with the Board, must use and complete the prescribed forms of the Board, attach required evidence and submit one copy in a timely fashion - i.e., on or before October 9, 2023

It is important to follow the Board’s rules regarding the filing of an appeal. If the criteria are not met, the Board will not schedule a hearing for the case, the Board will not render a decision and the appellant will have forfeited the right to further appeal the current assessment of a subject property.

The Board of Review has a comprehensive online appeal filing application available for the filing of assessment appeals. Comparable sales and assessments can be researched through this application. The Lake County Comparable Property Grid is available in the application and can be uploaded to the Board of Review. The application can accept the upload of documents from recent sales transactions and ad valorem appraisal documents as well.

Appellants choose the basis of their appeals and the form of hearing they prefer.

Reasons to Appeal
The typical bases or reasons for appeals are:

  • The assessment of a subject property is based on a factual error (e.g., incorrect square footage).

  • The assessment is greater than 1/3rd of the subject property’s recent sale price.

  • The assessment is greater than 1/3rd of the subject property’s market value.

  • The assessment of the subject property is higher than that of comparable properties.

  • Matters of law.

The type of evidence required by the Board for each basis or reason for an appeal is specified on the Appeal (application) Form and discussed in Section IV of the Board’s Rules.

Office Hours 

Monday – Friday  8:30AM-4:30PM 

*Hours subject to change due to staffing*

Office Address 

1490 Main Street

Antioch, Illinois 60002

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