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Online Exemption Filing

     Please Note:     

You will be REQUIRED to upload a copy of your Government ID for all exemptions filed online.
You can scan or take a photo of your ID with your phone and upload it during the application process.

Other Documents Required to be uploaded might also include:

  • Proof Of Disability (For Disability Exemption and Disabled Veteran Exemptions)

  • Supporting Documentation (Disabled Veteran - Character of Service)

  • Trust (Required for any properties that are in a trust. Information is usually located in the first part of a trust agreement, and the applicable statements may read as follows: "During my lifetime, the trust held for my primary benefit" or "During my lifetime the trustee will pay to me or whoever I may direct." )


You can also visit Antioch Assessor's Office with the documentation required for the exemptions you are applying for and we will help you fill out the application and scan the required documentation for you. 

Stop by Antioch Assessors Office

1490 Main St  Antioch, IL 60002


Ready to get started? Click the button below to proceed to filing exemptions.

Watch the video below for an example on how to file for exemptions online.

To watch the video in full screen click here

Note: There is no audio associated with the instructional video below.

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